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Worlds' most reputed companies in the field of Bioinformatics

As of our last knowledge update in April 2024, here are some companies that were prominent in the field of bioinformatics. Please note that the landscape of companies in any industry can change over time, and new companies may emerge while others may undergo transformations. It's recommended to verify the current status of these companies:

  1. Illumina: A leading company in DNA sequencing and array-based technologies. Illumina | Sequencing and array solutions to fuel genomic discoveries

  2. Thermo Fisher Scientific: Provides a wide range of products and services in the life sciences, including bioinformatics solutions. Thermo Fisher Scientific - IN

  3. Qiagen: Offers bioinformatics solutions for molecular diagnostics, genomics, and other life sciences applications. Sample to Insight - QIAGEN

  4. DNAnexus: Specializes in cloud-based solutions for genomics data analysis and management. The Precision Health Data Cloud | DNAnexus®

  5. BGI (Beijing Institute of Genomics): A genomics research institute that also provides sequencing services and bioinformatics solutions. Beijing Institute of Genomics (

  6. Broad Institute: A collaboration between MIT and Harvard, focused on genomics and biomedical research, including bioinformatics. Broad Institute

  7. Seven Bridges Genomics: Offers bioinformatics solutions for analyzing and managing genomics data. Seven Bridges Genomics - The biomedical data analysis company

  8. Partek: Develops software for statistical analysis and visualization of genomic data. Bioinformatics Software for Researchers | Partek

  9. CLC bio (Qiagen Bioinformatics): Known for its bioinformatics software for analyzing and interpreting biological data. Bioinformatics Software | QIAGEN Digital Insights

  10. Ingenuity Systems (QIAGEN): Provides software and solutions for the interpretation of biological data, especially in the context of genomics. Sample to Insight - QIAGEN

  11. Biovia (Dassault Systèmes): Offers a range of scientific informatics solutions, including those for bioinformatics and computational biology. BIOVIA: Accelerate Your Scientific Innovation | Dassault Systèmes (

  12. PerkinElmer: Provides solutions for life sciences, including bioinformatics tools for data analysis. PerkinElmer | For The Better

  13. Genedata: Focuses on software solutions for high-throughput data analysis in the life sciences, including genomics. Biopharma Discovery & Development | Genedata

  14. BaseClear: A contract research organization offering genomic services and bioinformatics analysis.

  15. Breedington Bioindustrial Private Limited, Durgapur, India

  16. Sophia Genetics: Specializes in data-driven medicine, providing solutions for clinical genomics and bioinformatics. SOPHiA GENETICS - Where others see data we see answers - Where others see data we see answers


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