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International Collaboration Consultancy Services

We position our clients at the forefront of their field by advancing a positive agenda across complex terrain. Through nuanced stakeholder relations and astute partnership building, we clear space for avenues of growth.

Our team of consultants brings more than 20 years’ senior experience forging collaborations across government, private sector, and international forums. Whatever the scenario, we tap into deep networks and innate understanding of each party’s priorities and drivers — the unspoken context to every conversation.

Our Services are:

Stakeholder relations

Stakeholder relations


Program management



Stakeholder relations

We develop the relationships that underpin the next phase in your organization’s growth. We do this by discerning the people and platforms where interests converge; where your organization can most profitably invest your resources and time.

Representation and advocacy


We speak on your behalf in critical forums, discreetly influencing the conversation towards achieving your interests. We are bringing all our experience and discretion to bear, to position you as that forum’s natural leader.


A blueprint for accomplishing your objectives, from thought leadership to capacity building, we navigate domains that require adept handling of disparate interests and position your organization for ongoing growth.

Program Management

We take the blueprint and strategy and see that through to realisation of the goal. In execution, we are tenacious, responsive, highly engaged, and constantly calibrating our work so the project stays on course.


In crucial conversations, we generate rapport and guide participants towards consensus. In doing this, we’re skilled in drawing out unspoken interests and latent potential. We bring an empathetic yet astute presence to facilitation roles, achieving results in high-level meetings.

International Business Planning & Marketing

  • Marketing plans and business plans for companies that want to enter or expand in international markets

  • International market research, including screening to find target markets that best meet the needs of your current product mix, business strategy, and company culture

  • Identifying competition and understanding distribution channels and pricing

  • Guidance in developing and implementing effective credit and collections policies

International Product Sourcing

  • Business plans for offshoring or outsourcing of services, products, and manufacturing

  • Determining the best locations for sourcing based on existing supply chains, markets, competitiveness benchmarking, and trade preferences

  • Identifying potential partners and advising on decisions to invest directly or contract with local suppliers, and on how to best structure agreements

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